Single Turbo Supra vs Single Turbo Corvette

Published on Jan 10, 2013

“Two of the fastest cars from the Super Speeders Garage line up on a private airfield to have a go at each other.

Supra – Full weight 1998 Supra Turbo with 76 mm billet turbo. Dyno’d 923 as it sits running 31 lbs of boost on VP Racing fuels C16. Car has new Hoosier A6 road race slicks 295/35/18

Corvette – ~ 2700lbs LS3 motor with same 76mm single turbo as supra. No dyno runs yet, running 9 lbs of boost on pump 93 octane gas. Car is running 305/30/19 Pilot Sport Cup tires.

Will take both cars out in April for the Exotics Rally Half Mile racing at Pocono Speedway to run longer pulls.”



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